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Read #0 for free

Rogue Science #0

After fixing some minor flaws with the teleporter, Jester ports to an uncharted universe, but trouble awaits. Can Aaron rescue him before it's too late?

Read ad-lib Special for free

Rogue Science Ad-Lib Special Vol. 1

Two short storyarchs follow the Rogue Science team on a fill-in the blanks adventure. Have fun making up your own version of the calamity that the crew is into.

Read the obelisk Key Pt. 1 for free

Rogue Science: The Obelisk Key Pt. 1

A government agency has discovered a buried obelisk with many gates to an underworld of sorts. It is rumored that there is a master key to the gates hidden and guarded in another dimension. The agency has contracted the team to find it.

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